Ignite Retain

A professional development program to help companies to prepare and retain their offered graduates and new starters.

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Prepare and retain your talented graduates

An employer-branded work-readiness program run by Readygrad exclusively for your offered graduates and new starters. Retain, motivate and prepare your selected talent for the workplace.


This experience was life-changing and has shaped the beginning of my career! I have met amazing people and learnt so much.

Ignite Program Participant

What is Ignite Retain?

A tailored training and engagement program delivered after the point of graduate offer and centred around individual development and organisational insights.


An employer-branded training and coaching program delivered by Readygrad during the
offer-to-start and induction period.


Program design can be tailored in consultation with the organisation to include employer/industry/role specific content and messaging.


Provides an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to improve productivity, motivation
and workplace understanding
on commencement.

Prepare and engage

Program content is centred around the development of the individual and their transition
to the workplace.


Allows the employer to continually reinforce their messaging and the importance placed on individual development.

Target students

Employer touchpoints are built-in throughout, allowing you to share experiences, showcase projects and roles, explain company culture and deliver
project activities.

Program Process

Develop a plan2

We develop the right program with you

We consult with you regarding program design including frequency and employer touchpoints.

Target students

Pre-employment training

After offer acceptance, we interact with your graduate cohort by delivering an agreed professional development program.

Program delivery

Graduates commence

Graduates enter the workplace with practical job-ready skills and continue their development through the induction stage.

identify talent

Increase your retention

Because of consistent interaction and engagement, graduates feel more connected to your business.

What's included

Our Ignite Retain program is tailored to suit your needs and objectives, but typically includes the following:

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  • Skills based workshops – delivered in person or virtual
  • Topics, duration and frequency tailored to suit needs
  • Access to Readygrad’s eGrad online learning modules to support
    workplace transition

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  • Customised interactive workshop content designed to complement company-specific training
  • Opportunity to showcase company people leader or subject matter experts insights, blended with training content
  • Social events, team challenges and ability for Readygrad to facilitate entire induction process (if preferred)

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